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Some tools for research in CS

Posted by joyboseroy on October 19, 2007

Learn how to use gnuplot in 3D for plotting graphs. Learn CVS in Unix for keeping track of version changes. IEEE Explore is a very useful database of IEEE papers in all conferences and journals, so is the ACM digital library. Google books is sometimes useful. If possible, get an athens account to access these. Matlab is the most useful software for coding in academic environments, best for writing experiments where efficiency is not the top priority, its added advantage is in the number of toolboxes available and the integrated plotting and math tools, especially in versions 7.0 and higher. If Windows is your thing, learn to code inside an IDE such as eclipse or visual studio.

To submit a paper to a journal or conference, first see call for papers in your field etc. Once you have decided where to submit to, first go to their website, download the template  in latex (such as IEEETrans.cls and a .tex template) of a paper to be submitted to that site, stick to that style. Springer is another popular template for many conferences. Once you have written the tex file, compile using latex abc.tex and dvipdf abc.dvi. There is some website to check IEEE paper format submissions to make sure its ok.


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