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Posted by joyboseroy on October 18, 2007

I attended the following conferences along with assorted workshops/tutorials: nips in vancouver and whistler in december 2003, bics in sterling in august 2004, ijcnn in montreal in august 2005, icann in warsaw and torun in september 2005, mathematical neuroscience workshop in edinburgh in 2004.

I am at this moment working as a software engineer, hoping to get back into academia after say a couple of years in industry, writing a research paper with my co-authors in an area combining sequence learning, spiking neurons, rank order codes, associative memories, neural engineering, etc wondering how best to focus the paper.

I also hope to engage in coming months in doing some research experiments (as a hobby), studying the feasibility of doing the experiments I mentioned in my PhD thesis future work section, think about how the work can be commercially deployed at all (say in applications of companies like google and rolls royce) or at least how to reproduce the state of the art.


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